On Republic Day (26-1-11) we, the students of Class X received a grand farewell from our School Management and our dear juniors, i.e. the 9th Class. This day was very special and unforgettable for all of us. The party was held in an orderly manner. The farewell started by welcoming the guests and our director Dr. B.S Reddy Sir, lit the lamp before Baba and Guruji. We were welcomed very respectfully and wonderfully.
By receiving a farewell we felt that we have become more responsible. We felt that our relation with the school is going to end in a few days & this feeling was very painful. The most important part of the party was the inspiring speeches given by our teachers. We also enjoyed playing games conducted by 9th Class students.
After the farewell given by the 9th Class, the students of 10th Class gave all our teachers and juniors a “Thanks Giving Party”. We spoke a few words about our experiences in School and all of us wholeheartedly thanked our teachers for their support to us throughout our schooling.
At last we presented a memento to the school and we gave small presents to our teachers and juniors. After we finished our lunch we played games for sometime.
Receiving a farewell was a great experience and we all feel very sad for leaving our school. We hope that these last days at school will pass slowly.

By :

KLV Mounica
Class X

A Farewell To Class X

        They were our beloved seniors, who gave us encouragement and guided us in every aspect. Hence we, the IX class students, decided to give them an amazing and unforgettable farewell.
We completed the decorations by 25-1-11 evening. On 26-1-11 morning every IX and X Class student was eagerly waiting for the farewell and finally the farewell party started with great expectations. All the teaching and non-teaching staff attended our farewell.
First, the party started very formally with inviting the guests, Dr. Srinivasulu Reddy Sir, Elise Madam, our Vice-Principals and Jamie Sir. Dr Sir and Principal Madam lit the lamp and offered garlands to Baba and Guruji. Our two anchors were Supriya and Srija. They invited IX & X subject teachers onto the stage. Then they invited the students of Class X with some wonderful captions. Each Class X student lit a cute rose shaped candle before Baba and Guruji and accepted a gift from Class IX before he or she took their seat. We made our seniors cut a beautiful cake as a token of our love. First Dr Sir, then Elise Madam, followed by teachers gave inspiring speeches addressing the students of Class X. Students of Classes X & IX took note of the valuable advice given to them by their elders
Then the party was turned informal by a game show. We conducted a game called the Capsule game. X Class students should pick a capsule from a bowl. Each capsule contained a chit with some task written on it and Class X students had to perform whatever task came in their capsule. We had most fun and joy in this game show, especially when Class X boys and girls performed wonderful dances.
After this X Class gave their ‘Thanks Giving party’ to the teachers and us. This was a formal farewell. Every member from Class X recollected their happy and sad moments during their schooling. Many teachers spoke and gave blessings to X Class. Finally X Class gave some small gifts to all the teachers and IX class. We finished the party grandly by eating a delicious lunch provided by the School.

By :

T. Meghana
IX Orchids