CBSE regional level Science exhibition

Sai Baba Central School participated in the CBSE Regional Level Science Exhibition held at Hindu Senior Secondary School, Adyar, Chennai, on 10th and 11th August 2009.

Our students presented two investigation-based projects at the exhibition.

T. Rajeswari and K. Sai Ravi Teja, from Class IX, presented their project “Effect of Various Soil Management Practices on Soil Macro-Fauna Diversity” under the sub-theme “Agriculture and Food security”. For this study they investigated the effect of various soil management practices, such as excessive and minimal ploughing, the use of artificial fertilizers and organic farming etc, on different soil organisms such as earthworms, beetles, spiders, ants and earwigs. They also found out how farmers are forced to use more and more fertilizers because of non-replenishment of soil nutrients by these organisms. They emphasized the need to preserve these natural soil dwellers to maintain the soil food-web so that it can naturally replenish the fertility of the soil after each crop.

Sk. Nousheen and M.N. Nikhil Chakravarthy, students of Class IX, presented “A Timeline Study of Environmental Changes in Ongole Region”, under the sub-theme of “Climate Control”. In this project they collected the details of various weather parameters in Ongole region over the last thirty years and analysed them to find a pattern in the weather changes. They showed the impact of various global environmental changes on Ongole’s climate, such as the greenhouse effect, El Nino, La Nina and sunspots on the climate of. They also established the effect of urbanization on the air quality of Ongole.

The CBSE Regional level Science Exhibition ’09 provided a venue for students from 78 esteemed schools from the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, presenting nearly 130 exhibits under 6 sub-themes: Agriculture and Food Security, Climate Control, Conservation of Natural Resources, Harnessing Energy, Disaster Management and Mathematical modelling.

It was an inspiring and motivating experience for all the participants to present and get their projects evaluated by the distinguished judges who were all professors at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. Furthermore the chief guest at the valedictory function was none other than Sri M. Chandra Dathan, Director, Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR.

Though our students had put forth their best efforts during their project presentations, it was not sufficient to convince the judges that they deserved a place at the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition to be held in New Delhi. Though rather disappointed, our children took the result sportingly and promised to come back with superior projects and redoubled energy next year.